Super Human Vision

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Add Anti-theft Intelligence / Face Recognition to your Security System


HydrA.I Experience

Our Goal

HydrA.I's end goal is all about people using our security solutions, throughout our product design, we anchored our work around two important mantras.


As little as possible, as early as possible - We deliver the most necessary/important features that are needed to secure the client's assets first and quick.

Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

We improve our solutions iteratively to enhance the customer experience multifold, by building enhancements around the delivered core solutions.

Powered by

HydrA.I's Anti Theft Solution (ATS) is powered by X Pixon, our Proprietary Technology

X Pixon's sophisticated mathematics and algorithms convert low powered intel SoC (Sytems on a chip) machines to AI/Deep Learning Marvels

X Pixon optimises the CPU and RAM Utilisation

HydrA.I is pretty big thing to explore

Checkout features:

Detects Low Visibility

Detects Video Blurring

Detects Video Loss

Detects Gas Cutters

Zoom Clear Vision

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Easy Setup Options

Time Based Alerts

Make your Security System more Intelligent

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How it works:

Our software in the server takes real time video input from client’s CCTV system, processes the video for any abnormality (time based) and sends out real time alert to clients’ smartphones in the event of abnormality.

Whats required for HydrA.I to work?

Technical Specifications:

Hardware Requirement for HydrA.I ATS

Processor: Intel Silver Pentium J5005 (4+ CCTV Cameras)
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Hardware Requirement for HydrA.I FR

- Intel Silver Pentium J5005 (1 CCTV Camera)
- Intel Core i3 8th+ Generation (3 CCTV Cameras)
- Intel Core i5/i7 or Higher CPU (Based on need)
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Curious to see how it works?

Checkout screenshot:

Who can get benefited?

HydrA.I Applications:

  • Jewellery Retail and Manufacturing

  • Banks, ATMs, NBFCs

  • Perimeter protection for High Sensitive Industries

  • Unmanned residential or commercial complexes

  • Theft prone areas

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